10 YouTube Channels for Kids Who Love Science

If you have a children or know some kids who love science, it’s important that you bring science into their lives as often as possible. YouTube channels that focus on experiments and fun information are a great way to deliver science any time they want it. Some of the channels on this list are incredible and will fascinate adults and children who might not love science. By the time the video is over, they could be a convert.

1. NASA Channel

The NASA channel covers all things involving space exploration. This is a fascinating look at life inside a space station–press conferences where the agency discusses news as it happens. Kids will be able to see launches as well as briefings about the launch. The channel has up-close looks at some of the planets like the Juno’s flyby past Jupiter. Each week, there’s an update on the trending stories around NASA, so both children and adults will feel like they’re staying current in the world of space exploration.

2. Bill Nye the Science Guy

There’s a reason that Bill Nye the Science Guy has been around for years, he always entertains while educating children with amazing science facts and experiments. While he doesn’t upload on a regular basis, kids are able to view any of his videos any time they like. He has videos on what helps you balance on a bike, how the brain works, and full clips on things like heat and insects.

3. Minute Earth

This channel covers questions that kids might ask. It doesn’t cover why the sky is blue, but it will answer questions like, “Why did T-Rex have such tiny arms?” and “Why are snakes so creepy?” Each video is a cartoon drawing where the channel creators will explain the answer to the questions posed. Every video is less than 5 minutes, which is perfect for children who might not want an hour explanation. They also have other channels like Minute Physics with over 3.7 million subscribers

4. National Geographic

These are the same people who have brought you the magazine and television show. Filmmakers, journalists, scientists and photographers bring videos about planet Earth. Each week, there’s a definitive schedule of uploaded videos. While they’re all very interesting like Sunday with history and culture, Thursday features science videos. There are over 200 science videos currently on the channel with more to come every week. They cover topics like reasons we get deja vu, reasons for motion sickness and why goats have rectangular pupils.

5. Periodic Table of Videos

This channel covers chemistry in depth. Every week there are videos on elements of the periodic table as well as videos on news related to science and other interesting information in the world of chemistry. In one video, he burns ping pong balls and discusses the composition that allowed it to burn so quickly. In many of this channel’s videos, things are set on fire to see how they burn. There are explosions and excitement to interest children in the world of chemistry.

6. Crazy Russian Hacker

This science channel is for everyone who loves to watch experiments. There are plenty of DIY experiments on this channel like how to restore a foggy headlight, how to make magnetic slime and how to make slime out of soda. There are many experiments with liquid nitrogen where he places a variety of items from light bulbs to a giant Koosh ball into the liquid and films what happens. He’ll show you how to open a coconut without tools and how to escape from zip ties with only your shoelaces.

7. Doctor Mad Science

For kids who love experimenting, this channel has simple, safe experiments performed by a young autistic boy. Jordan performs all his experiments, edits and uploads all the videos himself. He uses household products to perform all his experiments because science is all around us. Some of his experiments involve how to create a fruit battery lamp, what happens when you put a grape in the microwave and how to crush soda cans using the power of steam.

8. Brusspup

These science experiments combine illusions and tricks using science to make amazing optical illusions. There are science tricks using water like the slow motion ball that is filled with honey and a ball bearing to flow slowly down a ramp or the zippered bag filled with water that is punctured with pencils without leaking. In some videos, there are experiments that will truly cause children to laugh. Others are fascinating enough to entertain adults too. There are experiments that children and parents will want to do together at home.

9. The Quirkles

This YouTube channel revolves around the book series, which involves 26 scientists who help children with science around the world. The book lists the lesson like the one called The Quirkles Plummeting Egg where Sir Issac Newton learns about motion and gravity. The video provides a list of ingredients needed for the experiment so kids can follow along. It’s demonstrated by an adult with children present. The children get to participate after the demonstration. It’s a fun channel with experiments that parents can do with their children after seeing the video.

10. Sick Science

These are all experiments that can be done in the comfort of the home with an adult present. Some of these experiments are meant to gross out the person seeing it like the perfect fake blood videos. Others are fascinating or cool like the sugar rainbow with food coloring and sugar or magnetic slime using school glue and borax. Most of these experiments and tests recommend adult supervision, but they are all ones that can be done at home with minimal ingredients.

These YouTube channels are incredible for kids who already love science, but they’re great for adults too. You’ll love watching these videos and might even begin to plan your own experiments based on what you’ve seen. Many of the YouTube videos have ingredient lists and recommend adult supervision, so you can easily plan to be there for all the fun.

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