10 Scholarships for Women in STEM Careers

STEM scholarships for women help female students afford the high cost of college programs in today’s world.

What is STEM? This simple abbreviation stands for science, technology, engineering and math. Though these are fields typically dominated by men, many colleges now encourage women to apply. As a female, you can learn more about these scholarships and start applying before or after you apply to college.

Girl Scout Scholarships

Any young woman who is a member of the Girl Scouts may qualify for one of its annual scholarships. These come from local groups, and you’ll need to check the official site to find the scholarships and programs available in your area. The Girl Scouts also offer a number of workshops and training programs that better prepare teenagers for college. Members can also use the Girl Scouts website to find awards from specific colleges. Many colleges across the country offer scholarships in the $500 to $1,000 range for incoming freshmen who were also Girl Scouts.

Society of Women Engineers Scholarships

The Society of Women Engineers is a professional organization open to women working in an engineering field. This organization offers more than 200 scholarships every year and awards female students more than $700,000 annually. Some of these scholarships are renewable and let students renew their prizes each year while in college. Its Ada I. Pressman Scholarship is worth $5,000 and goes to nine worthy students who are in their sophomore, junior or senior year of study as well as grad students. Other scholarships range in size from $1,400 to more than $10,000.

STEM Inclusion Scholarship

While men still outnumber women in many STEM programs, the founders of the STEM Inclusion Scholarship hope to one day change things. This scholarship goes to students are  unrepresented in these programs and those who enroll in smaller numbers, including both women and minorities. Students can only apply if they are currently in college and enrolled in a science, math, technology or engineering program. Winners get a $500 prize that they can use for college. As the prize is so low, you may find that fewer students apply, which increases your chances of winning one of the scholarships.

APS/IBM Research Internship for Undergraduate Women and Underrepresented Minorities

Similar to the last scholarship program, the APS/IBM Research Internship Program is a scholarship program for women and minorities interested in studying physics and science. This is open to both women and trans-women who identify as female. Those who apply must be enrolled in a science program at an accredited college and be a sophomore or a junior. Winners receive a 10-week internship at an IBM facility. The American Physics Society also awards other scholarships and fellowships to worthy female students annually.

American Mathematical Society

Students enrolled in a math degree program can apply for one of the scholarships available from the American Mathematical Society (AMS). One of its more popular programs is its AMS Math in Moscow Scholarship Program. This program awards five students with a scholarship worth more than $10,000 that allows them to spend a semester abroad in Moscow. They must be either an American student or a foreign student enrolled in an American college to apply. Winners will also participate in a study performed by the AMS that takes place over the following eight years, which lets the AMS examine the effectiveness of its program.

Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship Program

Microsoft looks for qualified applicants each year when hiring new workers, but it also looks for qualified students when handing out scholarships like its Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship Program. Designed for women who are in a graduate program or a doctoral program, it awards them $15,000 a year that they can use towards their studies. Winners must study math, computer science or electrical engineering to qualify. Those who win can also put the scholarship on their resumes, which may help them land research opportunities or even jobs at Microsoft later.

BHW Scholarship

The BHW Group is a company based out of Texas that specializes in the development of web and mobile apps. It offers a $3,000 scholarship program that is open to students at all levels. While those in high school can apply, the program is also open to current college students and both doctoral and graduate students. Students must write an essay of 500 to 800 words on either the features they love about a specific app or how an app changed their lives. The BHW Group will notify its winners at the beginning of May and send checks to the winners’ colleges.

American Chemistry Society Scholars Program

Scholars are students with a passion for school, good grades and strong test scores. The American Chemistry Society has its own Scholars Program that awards scholarships of up to $5,000 to minority students studying chemistry. Minorities include African American, American Indian and Hispanic students. The $5,000 scholarships go to college juniors and seniors, but $2,500 scholarships are available for freshmen. Sophomores may qualify for a $3,000 scholarship. The American Chemistry Society requires that applicants submit their applications by May 1 each year.

Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation Awards

You might know the name Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation because it is a loan company that processes many of the loans students take out for college. It also has its own scholarship program for students studying a STEM field. The number it awards each year depends on the number of applications it receives, but it hands out up to 750 scholarships every year. Winners get a cash prize of $2,500. These prizes go to students just starting out and exploring these fields. Other scholarships go to students in their later years of college and graduate school who do their own independent research and experiments.

Clare Boothe Luce Program (CBL)

The Clare Boothe Luce Program (CBL) ranks among the most prestigious of all scholarships and awards handed out to students each year. Nearly 2,000 women received support from this program since is first started. Unlike other scholarships that simply hand checks over to winners, the money given to the winners of this program goes to the colleges they attend. Its grants are open to those who attend a Catholic college or university and study engineering, math or science. The program also has some grants and fellowships available to graduate students.

Many college students take out at least one loan each year while in college, but when you get scholarships, you’ll owe less money when you graduate. These 10 scholarships for women in STEM careers can help you cover all the expenses of college or graduate school before you start your career.

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