10 Great Science Camps for Kids

If you’re like most people who have a kid in the family who loves science, you’re probably considering sending them to a great science camp. This list of 10 great science camps for kids can set you on the right course for deciding where to send your child to get the best of the best and learn everything there is to know about science. These camps can give your child amazing hands-on experiences that can foster their love of learning and everything science-related.

1. Kids Science Labs

This organization offers a variety of camps in the state of Washington for children between the ages of 4 and 12. These camps for science and innovation are meant to be a fun way for kids to gather hands-on science experience in some of the most eco-friendly centers in the country. Their highly trained educators help kids discover, imagine, and create a variety of projects for the best academic enrichment possible. Camps include the Innovators Summer Camp, the Next Gen Designers Summer Camp, and their generalized summer camp that provides a generalized learning curriculum that covers a broad range of subject matter.

2. Mad Science

Mad Science offers a wide variety of in-class workshops, after-school programs, summer camps, and even preschool programs. There are many locations all over the country and they even partner with a variety of other organizations from all over the country. Mad Science takes a unique approach to science by helping students reach their goals of pursuing a STEM career, through fun and engaging lessons and projects. As one of the leading science camps in the country, their programs adapt to different age groups and are hosted by highly trained and dynamic teachers. These camps are hands-on, with projects including building rockets, using cool spy equipment, and building their very own robot.

3. Engineering for Kids

This amazing organization has grown to include 145 different locations in 21 different countries. Their goal is to bring STEM enrichment to children all over the world by providing children and students with fun and engaging enrichment. Their kids programs will vary by location, but these programs are tailor-made for different age groups, providing them with an array of camps and programs. Their summer camps help kids solve real-world engineering problems, discover how things work, help build their problem solving skills, and explore the many STEM career options.

4. Science Explorers

Science Explorers offers many age-appropriate summer camps for science throughout the states of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. They offer programs for kids ages 4 through 11 and those programs are available for half-day or full-day options. These camps vary by location, but can be held at schools, libraries, museums, or even parks. They give children a hands-on approach to science by providing them with a wide variety of experiments and activities. Science Explorers various programs include the Wacky World of Science, Far Out Space Academy, Amusement Park Adventures, the Junior Investigative Team, and the Junior Discoverers.

5. Carnegie Science Center

This well-known science center is located in Pennsylvania and offers a wide variety of programs and classes for adults and children alike. Their summer camps are appropriate for kids ages 4-14 and they even offer pre- and post-camp child care. The teachers at these camps are either professional teachers or college seniors who have experience working with children. The Carnegie Science Center uses the world around them to teach children about science. Children can learn how to build roller-coasters, navigate rivers, and build bridges. These summer campers will even have access to live hands-on experiences like a planetarium, a submarine, and live science demonstrations.

6. Destination Science

These camps for science are specialized for ages and other criteria. There are program themes that are directed towards girls, programs for space and astronomy, programs for robotics, and programs for engineering. All of their science programs and camps are meant for children ages 5-11 and use innovative STEM teaching to help children understand the world around them. These programs are offered in places all over the country and are taught by highly trained science professionals and even older children who have experienced the camps themselves. They use fun to teach kids about subjects like robotics, engineering, astronomy, and chemistry; just to name a few.

7. Science Fun For Everyone

This North Carolina-based STEM organization offers both day-camps and week-long camps for children in grades K through 6. They use a hands-on science curriculum that creates a fun atmosphere to teach children about everything-STEM. Children can be enrolled in a variety of programs that explores nature, allows them to care for live animals, create robots, play with snow and volcanoes, and mix chemicals to make fun experiments. Programs include United Science of America, Mysteries of the Unseen World & Incredible Earth, and Not Just for the Boys.

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8. Club SciKidz/Tech Scientific

This amazing Georgia-based camp offers some of the best science and technology programs in the country. They have multiple locations in Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia. Their 40+ science and technology programs are offered to children ages 4-15. Taught by high-quality teachers, children can enter into programs that teach robotics, engineering, culinary arts, technology, film making, programming, video game design, and extreme science; just to name a few. Summer camps can help kids build robots, become computer programmers, learn about space engineering, experience physics, and learn about everything STEM-related.

9. ID Tech

This amazing STEM organization has programs and locations spanning across the entire country. They offer a variety of programs for children ages 6-18. Kids who attend these camps will have access to more than 60 different science-related courses. Children can learn about computer programming and coding, robotics engineering, web design, and 3D printing, among many other subjects. These various camps are great for the most basic learners to the more advanced scientific kids. The goal of ID Tech is to lead kids to an eventual career in STEM by teaching them creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving.

10. Kentucky Science Center Camps

While this center is located in Louisville, Kentucky, they welcome children from all over the country to their amazing, high-quality science programs. They offer hands-on, fun education for even the littlest scientists in your family. Their programs are broad and unique; including, both spring and summer camps. Their programs are geared for children in grades K through 10 and include special camps that focus on topics like dinosaurs, engineering, art, recycling, chemistry, 3D printing, insects, the oceans and sailing, and LEGOs.

Science is a subject that encompasses many topics and areas in the world we live in. Children who love everything about science can benefit greatly from attending science programs that set them on the right path to enjoying science, technology, engineering, and math. From this list you can choose the best science camps that suit your child; their passions and their needs.

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