History of the Prize

The Award

The GE & Science Prize for Young Life Scientists was established in 1995 to recognize outstanding Ph.D.’s from around the world and reward their research in the field of molecular biology. There are over 75 former prizewinners, many of them working in some of the world’s most prestigious labs, among them the University of Tokyo, the University of Liege, Stanford, Harvard, the University of California, Walter Reed Army Institute and many others.

Entrants write a 1000-word synopsis of their thesis and submit it to the journal Science for judging by an executive panel. Each year, one grand prizewinner is selected to win US$25,000 in prize money. Prizes are also awarded each year to finalists in four geographic regions, each winner receiving US$5000. All winners receive a trip to Stockholm, Sweden to accept their prize and meet with the current Nobel laureates.

For the purpose of this prize, molecular biology is defined as “that part of biology which attempts to interpret biological events in terms of the physico-chemical properties of molecules in a cell.” (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th Edition)

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