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The GE & Science prize 2010. What’s it all about?

Grand prize: Mark Bates, born in Toronto Canada, received a B.Sc. degree in engineering physics from Queen’s University, and an M.Sc. degree in physics from McGill University.

Melissa Fullwood was born and raised in Singapore. She studied at Stanford University, and graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors, Distinction and Phi Beta Kappa.

Ataman Sendoel was born in Zurich, Switzerland. He studied medicine at the Universities of Zurich and Lausanne. After finishing medical school, he entered the postgraduate program in experimental medicine and biology in Zurich.

Sakiko Honjoh was born in Yokohama, an old port town, in Japan. In high school, her imagination was captured by a biology teacher who introduced her to the mechanism of chromosome replication, the chromosome end replication problem, and telomere structures.

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